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What is the number 1 people management challenge that you are facing?

How do you measure Leadership training & coaching programs' effectiveness and their impact on your teams' productivity?

At Training eMotion™ we help organisations to build inclusive high-performing teams by tackling complex problems to harness the power of cognitive diversity and motivational drive in a psychologically safe environment. We bring an essential human dimension to your teams' diversity to serve your infinite purpose as an organisation.

We overcome the people challenges that you face as a company, and we make it our business to deliver results. That’s what counts.







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Leadership & High-performing Team Training

90% of strategy is execution and 90% of execution is interaction between people who think and behave differently. The interaction gap of a team. Based on facts, proven best practices & the latest business insights, our leadership training unlocks the potential within and between people.

This tailored training & coaching program focused on growth mindset rather than skillset. We provide executives with a turn-key solution to create a new leadership culture for their teams, converting their diversity into synergy & inclusion. And thus build long-lasting high-performing teams.


Executive Coaching

Together with our clients, we partner to create innovative results and a high-performance culture. It is not enough to deliver training and be gone. It requires  mid to long-term reinforcement.

Executive Coaching (ICF certified) allows us to partner with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process, that inspire them to maximise their personal and professional potential. And for you as a leader, it is the best way to get a R.O.I of your time.

Essential Skills Training

Time Management, Persuasion, Work Ethics, Confidence, Communication, etc. All these skills are what we still call nowadays “soft skills. We call them “soft skills” because they are secondary to the “hard skills” such as Engineering and Science. We prefer to call them "essential skills".

Creativity, persuasion and collaboration are the top three most in-demand essential skills for companies today, according to a recent LinkedIn survey. And “Art of Persuasion” has been defined as one of the most crucial business skills by many leaders.

So when do you start being more persuasive to deliver your message?

TeM_Essential Skills
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Creating visibly diverse groups is relatively easy, turning them into high-performing teams is the challenge. It depends on your ability to measure, visualise and optimise these 3 invisible forces that make or break a team: Motivation Drive, Psychological Safety and Cognitive Diversity.

Global DISC™ is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning coaching solution for unlocking potential within and among people by leveraging individual and group mindset. Contact us to get certified by our Master Trainer to explore your own mindset...

TeM Certification

TeM Certifications

The world is in motion as leaders and managers should be!

With our Leadership InMotion program, embrace a transformational perception journey to build perpetual high-performing teams. Get certified in a program that makes a difference, with concrete long-lasting changes for your clients. Bring an essential human dimension & intercultural intelligence to your organisational management!

TeM Certification


What Our Clients & Participants Say

Romain Hanicot – Director, Trainer & Coach at Ween Consulting

JP’s Training of Trainers program on presentation skills is an extremely effective program. I was looking for a way to expand my training services offer. JP guided me through comprehensive and pragmatic content on how to deliver compelling and persuasive presentations, provided me with ready-to-use materials, and has been available since then for further support. …

Romain Hanicot – Director, Trainer & Coach at Ween Consulting Read More »

Ms. Nga – Leadership InMotion™ training

“I highly appreciate that the training program built specifically for our executive team and JP did make it differently to fit our team’s need most: coaching, team’s understanding, perception & habits.”

Ms. Vania – Leadership InMotion™ training

“All the sessions look like a storyline for me, not a separated parts, hence it’s easier for me to relate one topic to another.”

Mr. Putra – Leadership InMotion™ training

“We learned how to have a healthy conflict, quiet people starting to talk, and we learned how to receive and especially give proper and “healthy” feedback. Last but super important to me, we learned to be a friend by opening ourselves, embracing our vulnerability, and understanding that deep under the iceberg of solid teamwork there …

Mr. Putra – Leadership InMotion™ training Read More »

Ms. Lydia – Leadership InMotion™ training

“For the first time I can have a feeling of trust in the trainer/facilitator’s experience and what they can bring us.”

Mr. Nghia – Leadership InMotion™ training

“The most impressive from this training is the human interaction between learners and trainers or learners and learners. Everyone is aware of the training purpose so they’re willing to ask questions or share knowledge without hesitation. Trainers are well prepared for the workshop, they can provide clear answers to any concerns from the executive group …

Mr. Nghia – Leadership InMotion™ training Read More »

Ms. Sonia – Leadership InMotion™ training

“I liked interacting with my colleagues and sharing their views in the different workshops. I have discovered things that will help me improve myself and others’ perception of me.”

Mr. Nitish – Leadership InMotion™ training

“The training makes us get to know our colleagues better (professionally and personally), which will help us to improve teamwork. The Global DISC™ allows us to better understand the profile of our colleagues and consequently some of their reactions/decisions taken in the course of work. I particularly appreciate the fact that all results are shared …

Mr. Nitish – Leadership InMotion™ training Read More »

Ms. Tu – Persuasion through Presentation training

“Good workshop with many techniques and information to be applied in my job.”

Ms. Trang – Persuasion through Presentation training

“Interesting training session, really helpful for our job. Based on the clear guideline, we know where to improve. I feel more confident in presentation skills than before.”

Ms. Glenda – Persuasion through Presentation training

“The training was very informative and provided us with helpful tips to improve the quality of presentation delivery. The interactive activities were simulating and helped to reduce the content fatigue.”

Mr. Antoine – Ambassador training (essential skills)

“I really appreciated the fact the training was “tailor-made” based on our previous feedback.“

Ms. Tuy – Ambassador training (essential skills)

“It’s interesting and helps me a lot in my current job.”

Mr. Golden – Ambassador Training (essential skills)

“I feel all of these items are great and useful. Especially the scene simulation part, it really gives us a very good chance to let us learn from practising and get more useful points from colleagues.”

Phung Viet Hung – Studio Manager at Gameloft™ Ho Chi Minh City (Vivendi™ group)

“We could see many positive shifts of mentality in our executive group after going through the Leadership InMotion program, surprisingly!”

Arthur Michoux – Studio Manager at Gameloft™ Hanoi (Vivendi™ group)

« Leadership InMotion™ is a leadership training course with real impact: it helps our team build trust, develop accountability, and embrace change. »

Andrei Vladimir Lascu – CEO at Hyperloop™ (Voodoo™ group)

“I’ve never come across any leadership program as powerful as this. Seeing the effect it had on our leadership team made me realise mastering the ability to lead a team through this journey is a superpower. I wholeheartedly recommend the training and its certification!”

​Benoit Lauvray – COO APAC at Linkbynet™ (Accenture™ group)

“The leadership InMotion™ program consolidated our teams’ mutual trust and maturity into sustainable results and amazing benefits for our major global customer.”

Sinto Llobera – Talent & Career Development, Leadership & Sales Coach at H2H Consultants

“I’ve been working using presentations and facilitation skills for the past 5 years. I was honestly quite happy with my results.But after JP’s training, I realised that my engagement, effectiveness and performance in presenting and facilitating have improved radically.My training sessions as a facilitator have a before and after with JP’s workshop. Thanks for your …

Sinto Llobera – Talent & Career Development, Leadership & Sales Coach at H2H Consultants Read More »

Moritz Mueller – Country Manager Vietnam at Aguettant™ (Laboratoire Aguettant™)

“Persuasion Through Presentation” has been quoted as one of the most practical training within our organisation in the past years. JP as a trainer and coach puts loads of effort into making it a game-changer for every attendee before, during and after the training. As a line manager, it is just great to see how …

Moritz Mueller – Country Manager Vietnam at Aguettant™ (Laboratoire Aguettant™) Read More »

Thuy Bui – CEO & APAC Regional HRD Linkbynet™ Vietnam (Accenture™ group)

“I can see the difference between before and after the training provided by you to my team. They are still talking about this so far and on top of it, they do apply it in their daily work. Some of them have skyrocketed their way to communicate with customers, some are still improving and getting …

Thuy Bui – CEO & APAC Regional HRD Linkbynet™ Vietnam (Accenture™ group) Read More »


See Inside Training eMotion

JP Profile


JP Largement

Through my 17 years of experience, I have worked in different positions such as Customer Service Trainer, Field Sales Trainer, Senior Training Manager, Business Development & Organisational Manager, and Senior Executive-Search-Consultant.

And I could witness the inefficiency of Leadership training on the teams.

I now use all that experience and know-how to fix problems and overcome challenges that individuals and teams face in their organisations. I believe in a unique Learning & Development approach enhanced with gamification to ultimately empower leaders to build high-performing teams.


Why Choose TeM?

Training eMotion™ is a training & coaching services company based in south-east Asia, with headquarters in Singapore, offering tailored solutions dedicated to helping professionals to unleash their potential by developing their self-awareness and equipping them with essential skills.

We change bad habits and improve behaviours by conducting a real transformation. Our approach is to first grow individual self-awareness to then address group dynamics by training and coaching individuals & teams to reach synergy and inclusion.

We believe in thinking differently, using gamification, being disruptive and establishing long-term business partnerships with our clients.


Our Global Partners

Shared Wisdom & Charity Work

Wisdom grows out of knowledge, experience and training. It helps us to deal with what life offers, the high points as well as the challenges.

At Training eMotion™, we believe in sharing best practices and also helping others.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Be the change you want to see in this world!" Mahatma Ghandi. Check out our charity work to which our business partners contribute to by trusting us.

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