What our clients say about us...

Mr. Thuy Bui
(APAC Regional HR Director at LINKBYNET)

"I can see the difference between before and after the training provided by you to my team. They are still talking about this so far and on top of it they do apply it in their daily work. Some of them have skyrocketed their way to communicate to the customer, some are still improving and get better and better every day.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Linkbynet Vietnam."

Mr. Moritz Mueller
(Country Manager Vietnam at AGUETTANT)

"“Persuasion Through Presentation” has been quoted as the one of the most practical trainings within our organization in the past years. JP as a trainer and coach puts loads of efforts in to make it a game-changer for every attendee before, during and after the training. As a line manager it is just great to see how presentations and staff keep transforming."

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Mr. Sinto Llobera
(ABNLP accredited Coach, NLP Leadership Coach, Global DISC Master Trainer Asia at H2H CONSULTANTS & COACHING)

“I’ve been working using presentations and facilitation skills for the past 5 years. I was honestly quite happy with my results.
But after JP's training I realised that my engagement, effectiveness and performances in presenting and facilitating have improved radically.
My Trainings as a facilitator have a before and after with JP's workshop. Thanks for your clear guidance and effective methodology JP!”.

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