how we work


Our first mission is to understand your business and its challenges.

We work closely with your HR/Training departments and Operations to get your inputs.

Once an in-depth understanding has been developed, we can help you establish and identify the solutions, changes and objectives that are required.



Each Training workshop is designed around your business and your people.

Our Training programs require some pre-work and participants readiness to optimise learning transfer.

All classroom training sessions include icebreakers, customised games, and video recording for coaching purposes.


At TeM we know that behavioural change on the job is the best indicator that results will follow. 

Our coaching packages include a development plan that makes it simple to track results and reach objectives.

The goal of coaching is to increase both personal awareness and organisational effectiveness.  

our Training Solutions

Our training solutions are designed to measure and deliver behaviour change by:

*Creating clarity of focus*

*Unleashing the power of intention*

*Executing with excellence*

Persuasion Through Presentation

In today’s complex business environment, the ability to deliver a persuasive presentation to internal and external customers has become a fundamental requirement.
This 2 day Workshop will enable participants to make the difference between success and failure, a sale or rejection, a worthwhile meeting, presentation, conference... or a waste of time.

Ambassador Training

Sales people are Ambassadors entrusted with the DNA of your organisation. They are the “lifeblood” of your customers AND ultimately your sales revenues.
Ambassadors Training is a 1-2 day(s) flexible workshop that provides key interpersonal skills to interact with multicultural environments, strong organisational skills to focus on high-gain activities, and effective intentional selling behaviours with a problem solving focus.

team work2


Together with our clients, we partner to create innovative results and a high performance culture. What makes Training eMotion different is our follow up coaching and reinforcement processes. It is not enough to deliver training and be gone. We make it our business to deliver results. That’s what counts. Post training reinforcement, sales & marketing tools, virtual training and video ensure effective sales behaviours are embedded in the field.

"25 to 40% of presentations are considered a waste of time".

"70% say presentation skills are critical for career success".

Forbes magazine, 2015

Want to find out how much revenue your company is losing with extra working hours due to "poor" business presentations?

Download our cost calculator now!

Note that it does NOT include all missed business opportunities due to poor delivery and content of these meetings/presentations

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