About Us

TeM is a service company based in Vietnam offering Training Solutions dedicated to help professionals to unleash their potential by equipping them with essential skills.

We change behaviours by providing "Essential Skills", "Team & Leadership Performance" training and coaching.
We believe in thinking differently and establishing long term Learning & Development partnerships with our clients.



Your employees are entrusted with the DNA of your business. They are the “lifeblood” of your customers and ultimately of your sales revenues.


Our mission is about equipping employees with the specific skills that will enable them to grow, add value and drive competitive advantage within their job.


At TeM we design our training sessions around YOUR people to upgrade and align their skills with your business.


 Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand” (Confucius). 


Training is a powerful tool that requires deep preparation to be learner-centric rather than content-oriented. 

Localisation, gamification, innovation are the keys to a successful learning transfer. Our training solutions are designed to measure and deliver behaviour change because this is what matters the most to our clients.



Emotional intelligence is linked to career. It’s about people.


A business in motion tends to stay in motion

Building momentum in marketplace is key but companies need to keep it going. 


Adaptive and innovative Training helps your business in maintaining high level of execution to keep chasing new opportunities.


And it must be fun! What is learnt with pleasure is never forgotten… 

Why Training eMotion?

All along my career in Sales, L&D and HR, it has always been about helping others.

Working in different industries and business environments allowed me to attend many training sessions and workshops. Both as a client and participant.

Thanks to that experience, I could identify the following gaps of the L&D approach in South East Asia region:

  • lack of preparation 
  • lack of expertise on content
  • poor delivery, boring format
  • global approach, no cultural understanding
  • one shot, no follow up, no commitment
Using my solid experience and skills in L&D, I have decided to address these issues by founding “Training eMotion”
By putting people at the core of our mission we provide tailored training solutions that make them grow and truly impact their business.”


JP Largement

“Originally from Bretagne (France), I have lived in 8 different countries.

I have managed Sales Training & Sales teams in Europe and South East Asia for 15 years. I am a Training & Development professional with solid experience in corporate training. 

I have been living & working in Asia for over 7 years, including 5 years in Vietnam (HCMC). I had the chance to collaborate with all SEA markets through my different regional and local roles. 

Through my 15 year experience I have worked in different positions such as Customer Service trainer, Field Sales trainer, Senior Training manager, Business Development & Organizational manager as well as senior Executive-Search-Consultant.

I now use all that experience and know-how to contribute to the Learning & Development approach and ultimately help individuals & companies who do business in South East Asia.”

UPFRONT Certified Trainer

ICQ Global DISC Practitioner

Leadership Development Program Completion

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